“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.”

― Pablo Picasso



Current Projects






Just opened in Wellington, The Great War Exhibition.

Designed by Peter Jackson, Art direction and project management Ra Vincent.


A new Interview Set Decor magazine with Ra this month about decorating The Hobbit Trilogy




Ra Vincent 

Accepts the award for 

Best Production Design

 'What We Do In The Shadows'

At the New Zealand film awards this month.


 'What We Do in the Shadows' Trailer

Hobbit/NZ pop up book images*



A Film by Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement.

 Production Design by Ra Vincent.




Recent Projects

 'The Book Of New Zealand' An Exhibition of New Zealand Landscapes And Hobbit Locations

Unveiled In Los Angeles Ahead Of The World Premier Of The Desolation Of Smaug.

Here is the work that Ra and his team created on location at the Beverley Hilton.



The Book Of New Zealand Highlights.





These where color studies and dressing plans for some of the set builds for the film.


'This is one tool used to quantify set dressing, budget prop makes, finalize colorways and dressing positions.A very basic watercolor and pen technique which communicates basic ideas for the purpose of set decoration.'

These paintings and their final set photos can be found in the collection of 'The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science's Margaret Herrick Library' Coming soon.


The Latest blog from the set of the Hobbit.




Latest Public Sculpture Project.

'Te Pikotanga O Te Waimapihi'


Unveiled recently at its new home at the Z petrol station in Vivian street Wellington.

These bricks were unearthed while contractors were excavating a building site in downtown Wellington.

They made up part of a 130 year old culvert. The stream that runs beneath the city is recognized by the 

images carved into the brick.


Waimapihi stream





Time Lapse Brick sculpting. www.youtube.com/watch?v=EjHe2KBgCcE&feature=youtu.be